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Wool yarn, W190, 50 gr 180 m


Wool (100%) yarn! For weaving, knitting, crochet.

Available: 220 grams

Composition: 100 % wool
Condition: NEW in terms of prior usage; UPCYCLED in terms of vision

Ball-making machine has been lazy and didn’t follow the standard – 50 grams per ball. The quality of yarn is superb, it’s just that yarn balls “don’t look commercial enough”.

It’s fine wool yarn! Soft, suitable for next to skin items.

Thickness: 100 gr = 360 m; 50 gr = 180 m

Amount: 1 package = ca 0,5 kg / 1.10 lb
Price: 39.00 €/kg

The yarn is packed usually into 500 grams bags. But there can be bags where the weight is different.


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